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WebStage Owner Yasuyuki Iwasaki
e-mail: webstage@ny.airnet.ne.jp
Telephone: 81(Japan)-45-624-9603

postal-mail: Yasuyuki Iwasaki c/o Kanagawa FP coop, #1-Yasuda Bldg 7F, 2-21-8 Tsuruya-cho Kanagawa-ku Yokohama-City 221-0835, Japan

I have extensive experience interactive with business people in the US and Europe, and also with Japanese clients.


I have worked about 39 years at IBM which headquarter is in US. My job role was to negotiate Japanese requirements with product development teams in US/Europe and to apply them to computer products. Also I have visited customers to explain functions in new products and status to solve quality problems. In many cases, I visited jointly with development managers and engineers from the US to explain improvement plans for customers. I made Japanese version of presentation packages for customers.

Job responsibilities in previous company

I explained Japanese requirements in English for development groups in US/Europe, and proposed product solutions in order to convince development.
Applied Japanese customer requirements in product.
- Accepted to install our products in the original requested customer.

Applied Japanese quality standard in product.
Installed our computer systems in many customers in several industries.

Applied Japanese manufacturing process to plants in oversea countries.
- Product quality has been improved and has got a dominant position.
I visited customers who suffered quality problems in product with US executive and/or US engineer to explain why such as problem happened. I made and modified charts before the customer call to get customer understanding.