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Japan has long terms of traditional history in life, in way of thinking, in customs, and in business.


Business style in Japan

Japanese companies have virtual (hierarchical) organizations and business is taken by a position level of the company. On this purpose, a business card is exchanged when both companies meet at the first time each other. The importance is the position of the company in the business card rather than personal, because the person's social rank and role are mainly judged.
When Japanese would like to reject a proposal in business, they say "I'll study it". Japanese have placed an importance on honor, so that they consider the other person's reputation in their company. Japanese company looks like a big family and takes care of their works. Life-long employment is adopted in many companies; therefore, the negotiation method is different from western style business.
Below are some examples of the difference from western companies..

Differences between US and Japan are listed below.

  1. Customer practice in business
  2. Contract method in business
  3. Method to do a new business
  4. Finding a suitable business partner
  5. Keeping good relation with Japanese companies
  6. Mutual understanding in communication
  7. Negotiation and explanation method in Japanese

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