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WebStage is Japanese consulting service for computer, electrical and machinery: Consulting service

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Purpose of WebStage

  1. WebStage supports business enhancement in Japan
  2. WebStage supports launching of new business in Japan
  3. WebStage supports to handle and solve the quality problem in product in Japan

Job responsibility

  1. Take a role as the chief of Japanese staff or the Japanese cooperator
  2. Support to negotiate with Japanese company for business growth and business development
  3. Support to find a Japanese business partner
  4. Explain Japanese business practice
  5. Explain Japanese manner at Japanese customer
  6. Review the clientfs explanation package and suggest updating for Japanese customer
  7. Explain real Japanese customerfs reaction about the customer call, since real Japanese opinion is different from appearance
  8. Suggest making the next call package
  9. Translate e-mail between client and Japanese customer
  10. Make Japanese material from the English ones

Consulting feeF

Kinds of affecting industryF

Job classifyF@

Conditions to take the consulting service

  1. Either the client intends to make a business in Japan or the client is working in Japan already.
  2. The working location should be in Tokyo city (23 Wards), Kawasaki-City, Yokohama-City and the next cities of Yokohama-City in Kanagawa-Prefecture,
  3. In some case, WebStage will not take on the request before start of the consulting service, if it is beyond the resource of WebStage.

Indemnification F@

Business contract flow

  1. Inquiry from a requester by email or Telephone
  2. WebStage investigates the request and asks additional information if needed.
  3. WebSatge verifies job classify of the contents with the schedule.
  4. WebStage sends a written estimate by email.
  5. WebStage exchanges contracts with each other
  6. WebStage makes jobs description on the contract.
  7. WebStage sends an account bill for the jobs.
  8. WebStage sends a receipt after the payment of the requester.

Sample of translation (Download)