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Many business opportunities in Japan

Japan is the third largest economy in the world, so that there are many opportunities to do business in Japan. WebStage will support launching new business ventures in Japan. Japan has a unique history, especially in relation to western countries; therefore, it is better to understand Japanese culture before starting new business in Japan. There are many books that explain about Japan, and most of them are correct in theory. Written background about Japan is a good starting point but actual economic conditions in Japan are changing rapidly. WebStage will explain actual business methods to meet Japanese customer requirements.

Good quality is key factor to continue successful business in Japan

Japanese consider that good quality is common in products. Clients will complain about poor quality products always, so Japanese makers have improved quality in their products. When a quality problem happens in a product, a customer requests the real reason why it happened. The sense of real reason is different from western consideration. Every Japanese customer requests to explain a technical reason in detail and to take action not to occur in the future. Since TQC (total quality control) is a fundamental concept of Japanese companies, customers request to explanation of the problem reason in detail. WebStage will support to make or modify the explanation package to meet Japanese sensitivity for addressing and solving product quality problems in Japan.

Contact for Japanese business

WebStage is Japanese consulting service for computer, electrical and machinery:


e-mail: webstage@ny.airnet.ne.jp
URL: http://webstage21.com/e/
Telephone: 81(Japan)-45-624-9603
postal-mail: Yasuyuki Iwasaki c/o Kanagawa FP coop, #1-Yasuda Bldg 7F, 2-21-8 Tsuruya-cho Kanagawa-ku Yokohama-City 221-0835, Japan

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